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Urban vs Rural Lifestyle in the Philippines: Which One is For You?

The Philippines offers different lifestyles: rural, urban, and a mix of both. But which is for you? There are many things to consider to find out what lifestyle suits one the most: work and job opportunities, ambition, preferences, needs,[...]

Top Five Places in the Philippines to Live in for Expats

The Philippines is one of the most exquisite and spectacular but affordable countries to migrate to in the Southeast Asian region. Because it is an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, the country is surrounded by many beautiful[...]

Tips for College Students and Young Professionals Looking for Apartments to Rent

One of your major life decisions, especially as an adult, will likely be whether to have your own space, such as renting an apartment. It entails leaving your home, independent living, and navigating a new environment on your[...]

Tips For Making Productive And Smart-spending "ber" Months

Ang Pilipinas ang may pinakamahabang Pasko. Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Out of all the months on the calendar, the 'ber' months are the ones that Filipinos anticipate the most. We are glad and[...]

Key Benefits of CCTV at Home

  Do you know what CCTV stands for? CCTV means closed-circuit television or commonly known as video surveillance or surveillance camera. Often when we hear about CCTV, we think about big buildings, workplaces, malls, and other[...]