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Best Practice When Renting A Home: Budget Wisely

Renting a home can be an exciting and liberating experience, but it comes with a significant responsibility - managing your finances effectively. One of the most critical aspects of this responsibility is budgeting wisely. By creating a[...]

Best Practices When Renting a Home-(Tip#1: Research)

Renting a home is a significant decision that can greatly influence your quality of life. Whether you're a first-time renter or not, there are essential steps to follow when searching for the perfect rental property. In this guide, we'll[...]

"Rising Star" May Antonette Leuterio: Driving Digital Transformation and Global Expansion at

May Antonette Leuterio, the COO of Filipino Homes and the Product Director of, was honored as one of the 20 "Rising Stars" or most outstanding business owners during the Growth Con PH. The Growth Con PH is an annual growth summit[...]

ARES 2023: Transforming the Real Estate Industry in Asia through PropTech and Digital Marketing

"Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry: The Power of PropTech and Digital Marketing in Asia." This year's Asian Real Estate Summit (ARES) will bring together various stakeholders in the real estate sector, including brokers,[...]