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Tips For Making Productive And Smart-spending "ber" Months

Ang Pilipinas ang may pinakamahabang Pasko. Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Out of all the months on the calendar, the 'ber' months are the ones that Filipinos anticipate the most. We are glad and[...]

Key Benefits of CCTV at Home

  Do you know what CCTV stands for? CCTV means closed-circuit television or commonly known as video surveillance or surveillance camera. Often when we hear about CCTV, we think about big buildings, workplaces, malls, and other[...]

Five Ways to Sharpen Your Marketing Skills

New marketing tactics are developed daily, and if you don't keep up, you'll get left behind. Even long-time marketing professionals continue to invest in their education and professional development. If you've noticed, the[...]

Can You Sell A Property In The Philippines While You're Abroad?

Acquiring a real estate property is undoubtedly one of the best assets today as its value increases over the years. However, like any other property, if you wish to profit from it, you must be hands-on and physically present to do business[...]

How To Plan A Budget For Your Rent

When renting an apartment, a house, or any space, it’s critical to figure out how much rent you should pay to keep your budget in check. One guideline for evaluating what you should pay is the 30% rule.   1. How much of my income[...]