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What is an Asset? What is a Liability?

What Is an Asset? An asset is a resource having economic worth that a person, business, or nation owns or manages with the idea that it will produce future benefits. The balance sheet of a firm lists its assets.  They are divided[...]

Impress Clients and Colleagues Online Using Figures

Collaboration with the ideal partner can be the key to achieving goals that neither of you could have accomplished independently. However, it can be difficult to convince someone to work with you or trust you if you don't know them well,[...]

What You Need To Know About Rowhouses

Homeownership remains the ultimate goal for many Filipinos. The pandemic, which highlighted the significance of having a safe, good dwelling, prompted individuals to investigate the real estate market and purchase their own[...]

Group To Raise The Bar In Real Estate Selling

The Accredited Real Estate Salespersons in the Philippines (Acres Philippines) seeks to broaden prospects for its members in anticipation of a post-pandemic rise in the real estate business. The newly established group, already[...]

Cebu Is Again Ranked Among The World's Best Islands

After being crowned one of the world's finest islands, Cebu is again in the international spotlight. Cebu, along with the islands of Boracay and Palawan, made New York-based magazine Travel+Leisure's list of the World's Best[...]