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Tips To Grow Your Online Presence As A Real Estate Broker

The results of a survey conducted by Salesforce indicate that consumers perform research before making an online purchase 85 percent of the time. The top two channels consumers use to conduct research are websites (74 percent) and social[...]

Most Recent Apple Products and Features That Will Make Daily Activities Much Easier

Apple is one of the most well-known names in consumer electronics, and the company's products continue to generate excitement because of their fashionable design and intuitive operation. The most recent software updates, features,[...]

Selling Your Real Estate Property? Here’s What To Do

Whether selling traditionally or in modern ways, you must follow the procedures to smoothly sell your real estate property and avoid problems. Although it is not difficult to sell a house, you need to become familiar with the procedures to[...]

Setting Up A WFH "Office" For The Long Term

Working from home is hardly new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it an unplanned requirement for many offices. Even as the pandemic eventually recedes, many employers will have discovered that they don’t need large office[...]

Six Recommendations For Office Landlords For The Great Return To Work

Landlords must act immediately to prepare their facilities for the "inevitable" return of employees to the workplace. If you are a landlord thinking of the best and safest ways to accommodate your tenants, here are some best practices you[...]