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Tips To Grow Your Online Presence As A Real Estate Broker

The results of a survey conducted by Salesforce indicate that consumers perform research before making an online purchase 85 percent of the time. The top two channels consumers use to conduct research are websites (74 percent) and social media (38 percent ). As a result, companies require an efficient online strategy if they wish to expand and raise consumers' knowledge of their brands or existence.

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Your brand or company will have an ideal platform to communicate with customers if it has a digital presence. It provides you with the opportunity to define the narrative of who you are as a brand, allowing you to differentiate yourself from other brands and separate yourself away from the competition. Your digital presence encompasses not only your website but also any and all other points of interaction that a customer may have with your company while they are online.

As a real estate broker, an online presence enhances your visibility which, in turn, raises the profile of your business among those looking for a new home. The difficulty, of course, lies in ensuring that every piece of information you publish on the internet is of high quality.

Utilize the following content concepts to increase the visibility of your properties and establish your content as the dominant force in the digital world:

A Sneak Peak Of A Day Your Life

Give potential customers a glimpse into a typical day in your life as a real estate broker by describing what you do to them. This is the perfect moment to demonstrate how you provide excellent customer service. Although you could write about your day in a blog, having this information recorded on video would be more beneficial. Imagine that you are the star of your very own reality show.

The Property is SOLD. The Deal is Closed.

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There's more to it than just a celebratory post when you share online about newly sold properties. Consumers and sellers may be more inclined to conduct business with you due to this. Should customers choose to work with you as their broker, they will feel confident in your ability to fulfill their needs. When you share your experience online, it is helpful to discuss the requirements of the customers as well as the length of time the transaction took, if at all possible. Include photographs of the property in your listing. In addition, make sure you remove your listing from RENT.PH as soon as one of your homes is rented out or sold.

Featured Investment Properties of the Month

This is one of the most effective strategies to draw attention to the properties in your portfolio. Feature on a blog the distinctive aspects of the home that were discovered this month. Or, you may give potential customers a tour of the establishment and ask them to picture themselves present there.

The "property of the month" doesn't need to be the one that has the most abundant amenities for it to be chosen. It may be the condominium in your portfolio, or it could be the tiniest residence that makes effective use of the area it has. It would be helpful if the link to the Rent. Ph listing could be included in the social media posts so visitors can easily get additional information.


People have a natural fascination with trivia, so choose entertaining facts related to the property you are marketing. Perhaps one of the most famous people in the world formerly called this house their home. Or perhaps they were constructed in just three months, starting from scratch. Find out the history of the homes you're selling and emphasize the interesting anecdotes included in your content. Apply the same concept while composing the property listings you'll post on the website ( It has the potential to invigorate the way that you describe things.

BTS or Behind The Scenes

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This is similar to the "Day in the Life" feature, in which you show people the different tasks you do during a typical day as a real estate broker. On the other hand, this one focuses on a single component of the business at a time, such as the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing an open house or arranging a professional shoot for various properties. Again, this content suggestion provides potential customers with a glimpse of the type of service that you offer.

Going Live or Making Virtual Tours

Because of the rapid development of technology in the modern world, it is now possible to hold "open houses" in the digital realm through Facebook Live or recorded videos. These virtual tours can highlight the most appealing aspects of your available properties.

Client Testimonials

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This content concept has the potential to help increase social proof, which in turn may encourage prospects to become customers themselves. Therefore, you should go over your list of prior customers and ask them about their experiences with the company. You might conduct the sharing in the format of an interview, in which you would question the person about how they became aware of your company and what it was like to work with you as a partner. This content concept could be implemented in the form of videos or blogs.

By repurposing testimonials in the form of quotation cards, you can turn this long-form material into something more manageable for your audience. Extract direct statements made by customers and incorporate them into a picture. If you choose particularly striking comments, this will convince potential customers.


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