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Tips To Grow Your Online Presence As A Real Estate Broker

The results of a survey conducted by Salesforce indicate that consumers perform research before making an online purchase 85 percent of the time. The top two channels consumers use to conduct research are websites (74 percent) and social[...]

Give Your New Home A Personal Touch

  Personalizing Your New Home It is only normal to want to put your personal imprint on a new room when you first move into a new house. After all, unless you built your dream home, it is probable that the finishes, fixtures, and paint[...]

House vs Land vs Foreclosed Condo: Which Space is Best for You?

Today, foreclosed condominiums, house-and-lot packages, and lot-only deals are among the most popular real estate options. They are both viable options for personal use and income generating purposes. Nonetheless, there are[...]

PEZA Requests Review of Investment Policies from the Department of More Ecozones

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) had urged the incoming administration to evaluate the investment, trade, and economic policies and legislation, according to Philstar report. Specifically, the agency suggests[...]

6 Money Habits Overseas Workers Need to Adopt for a Secure Retirement

As an OFW, the desire to enjoy a comfortable and tranquil retirement will always remain. But this need not remain a distant possibility. By committing to excellent financial practices, you can begin earning and saving to cover your[...]