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Guide on How to Maintain Condo Units

The number of people who own condo units is rising across the country. The majority of these people yearn for the comforts that condo living provides. Imagine not having to worry about yardwork or how to find help when you need a quick home repair when you own a home. Isn't it a fantastic deal?

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Aside from the shared spaces and amenities, the community in a condominium building is often described as ideal since, most of the time, the surroundings are quiet, and everyone knows how to respect each tenant. It is also often located in highly urbanized cities, making it convenient for job seekers or office employees. Moreover, it provides a sense of safety to its homeowners since it has a 24/7 security system.


However, aside from all of these advantages of living in a condo, there are some things that owners, especially new ones, need to consider. One of which is having to deal with the maintenance of your own unit personally. This goes to say that even though maintenance personnel is available for you when you need quick help, you are the one in charge of your home.

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Consider living in a condo unit just like how you are living in your old home. You do the cleaning. You fix what needs to be fixed. And you regularly inspect the various systems that compose your unit. 


If you’re a prospective unit buyer, a new owner, or perhaps, a long-time owner who needs to be refreshed with tips on maintaining a condo unit, this guide is made for you. 


It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by all these responsibilities that await you as a condo owner. Not everyone is really prepared. That’s why we’re here to help you! Read on to see our guide on how to maintain condo units. 


1. Follow a Regular Cleaning Schedule


The number 1 tip we will share with you is to follow a routine when it comes to cleaning your condo unit. Do you want dust to build up on your shelves and cabinets? What about molds creeping their way up your sink? Can you imagine the sight of that? 


For sure, no one wants to live in a dirty environment. It isn’t a place conducive to personal growth and maintaining physical well-being. Therefore, what you need to do is establish a cleaning routine. 


Spare some time in your day to sweep the floor or do a quick vacuuming. Also, picking up a cloth and wiping the dust on your shelves won’t be much of a hassle. 


Aside from this daily cleaning routine, you must also conduct an extensive cleaning once or twice a month to ensure clean surroundings. This will also prevent mildew and mold from accumulating. 


During this time, you will also need to check the filters in your appliance. Regularly cleaning and changing them will save electricity charges in the long run since appliances can function more efficiently when airflow isn’t restricted or clogged. 


2. Inspect and Clear HVAC System (Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning)

When cleaning and maintaining your living space, you should not only focus on what’s visible to the naked eye. Harmful microorganisms might be suspended in the air without you knowing, so ensure that the systems that regulate the air and temperature inside your home are also regularly taken care of. 

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Ensuring that these systems are working properly can prevent you from accidental fires and catching airborne diseases. 


3. Conduct Preventive Maintenance Checks

Prevention is better than cure. This statement does not only apply to people protecting themselves from acquiring illnesses but also to the appliances and systems inside your condo unit. 


Preventive maintenance checks are measures done to ensure that every aspect of your home continues to run efficiently. An effective way of doing this is to group your maintenance checks depending on the season to come. 


Check your doors and windows. Are they still in good condition and shape to prevent rainwater from seeping or leaking down in your condo unit during the rainy season? What about your walls? Are they still sturdy enough to withstand the changing seasons without resulting in molds building up in the cracks? 


Also, inspect your smoke detectors and keep your kitchen temperature low during summer. The heat during this season can lead to a higher likelihood of fire accidents. 


Ensuring that your condo is prepared for whatever season will save you from spending so much more on repairs. 


4. Have your Plumbing System Regularly Checked

Since the plumbing system of every unit in a condominium building is interconnected, ensure that yours is regularly checked and inspected for damage to avoid expensive repair costs. 


Always check for small leaks. It will allow you to catch plumbing problems and have them repaired as soon as possible. 


Trust us; you don’t want to experience water shortages or flooded bathrooms, especially when you’re located several stories high. It will probably be your worst nightmare coming alive. 


5. Regularly Check Your Floor’s Fire Extinguisher and Fire Alarm

Not that we’re asking for it, but during fire accidents, you should have the proper equipment to prevent the spread of fire and inform the rest of the building about the situation. Fire extinguishers and fire alarms are the things you need to make this happen. 

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Ensure that these two are regularly checked and working properly to provide you and the other condo unit owners with a sense of safety, especially during emergencies. 


6. Give your Unit a Revamped Look

As time passes by, you might feel that your condo unit might be going out of style. The appliances are getting old, the flooring and the windows and doors might already have that antiquated look, and your cabinets and countertops might need repainting. If only you could make the I-just-moved-in feelings last long, right?


Well, good news because you can always make your condo unit feel new by adding interior changes. Paint those cabinets. Hire maintenance services to upgrade your flooring, as well as give your windows and doors a new look. 


You can also paint your walls if cracks and chipped paints start to show. 


However, when following this fifth tip, know that there are condominium buildings that will require you to secure a permit or set a visit to your property manager. So, take note of that when you’re planning a unit revamp. 

Maintaining and cleaning your condo might be costly and require a lot of effort, but it will surely save you from spending so much more in the long run. Think of it as an investment that, when properly taken care of, can give you more benefits in the future. 


Also, remember, you’re not just making your condo nice to look at; you’re also protecting your resale value, just in case you might think of selling your unit one day. 


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