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Building Good Relationship With Clients: 5 Rapport-Building Questions to Ask

As a broker or a salesperson, you must establish a strong network in an industry that is primarily reliant on trust and word of mouth.

When other real estate professionals know you and can vouch for your work, it's nearly always a safe bet that you'll never run out of clients to service or deals to close. But, more than just leads and deals, networking can help you improve your practice. Being near to other professionals can expose you to new, inventive ideas, boost your confidence, and create opportunities for mentorship.

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In most cases, however, people find it difficult to connect with new professions. You've probably experienced the unpleasantness of small talk, the dull conversation about the weather and traffic delays. However, networking does not have to be tedious. In truth, brief introduction conversations can be important and memorable, especially if the correct questions are asked.

Here are some rapport-building questions to ask when you have networking opportunities:

1.       How did you start your career in the industry?

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People enjoy telling anecdotes about their lowly beginnings. Professionals, in particular, value this topic since it allows them to discuss the people and events in their lives that influenced their job choice. Some responses may be expected, while others may be unexpected. Regardless, you'll be able to establish a common ground to discuss your own lowly beginnings and give the dialogue more depth.

2.       What do you enjoy most (and least) about our profession?

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This question is rarely asked unless you are invited as a guest to a career orientation in a school. However, that is something worth considering as professionals.

There's a strong possibility you'll find another point of common ground in what you appreciate most and least about your separate practices. Alternatively, what you enjoy the least is likely to be what they appreciate the most. In these cases, they may offer valuable ideas on how to have pleasure doing the tasks you dislike the most.

3.       What's the most recent industry trend you're interested in?

This question draws on their knowledge. Trust that those who are really committed to their profession will have so much to say that you won't have time to comment on the weather or traffic. Make a mental note of this question and be prepared to express your own ideas. When you're prepared with your own thoughts, your conversations with others will be far more informative. As a result, make it a habit to stay current on market trends.

4.       What have you changed in your career in the last year?

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This question may elicit anecdotes of career shifts and adaptations that were prompted by successes, setbacks, or industry changes. Some may discuss how, due of pandemic constraints, they relocated their entire practice online. You can tell how the new technology has helped you cope with the new normal. While this question might assist you learn techniques for surviving and winning in real estate, you may also find a sense of camaraderie as you discuss your problems and crossroads in the industry.

5.       What do you normally do on weekends?

Networking does not have to be solely about business. In fact, because you're around other practitioners, it's one of those events where you can be a little more relaxed. Inquire with coworkers about what they do on their days off. Discuss your recreational hobbies as well. Who knows, you might meet someone who shares your hobbies. You might even meet someone for golf or join a book club.

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