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Benefits of Living Alone for New Solo Dwellers

Benefits of Living Alone for New Solo Dwellers

After spending several years nestling comfortably in the company of other people such as family, friends, and even strangers-turned-roommates, you’ve finally decided to emerge out of your comfort zone. Maybe it was your choice, or perhaps because there are no other options for you; therefore, you have to. But we all know that at some point in our lives, we’re going to live on our own. 


Some may say that the idea of solo living is terrifying. Well, it is, especially if you’re used to having someone who has your back at all times and especially if you’ve spent your entire life with your family.


While this is usually frowned upon in other countries, living with your parents even after you have turned 18 is common in the Philippines. In fact, this collectivistic practice is deeply embedded in Filipino culture. 


There are, indeed, benefits to sharing our home with others. For example, bills are expensive, and sharing them with another person or your family might lift the burden. Also, there’s just enjoyment in the company of others. 


However, there comes a time when you realize that the benefits don’t matter that much anymore–like sharing a home does not give you comfort like it used to. You’ve also felt that you’ve outgrown your current environment and that peace and quiet are something that you desire. Hence, the decision to move out. 


While living alone indicates solitude, some benefits come with it. If you are a recent empty-nester or someone currently weighing decisions about whether to move out, here is a compiled list of why living alone is good for you. 


1. You’re Your Own Boss

You are your own boss if you decide to go solo living. You get to weigh your own choices and make your own decision. You also don’t need to compromise and consider other people’s take on the way your living. There’s no one to judge you other than yourself. 

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Having no one to answer to, especially after being busy following rules and orders in the office or school, can be extremely freeing.


2. Your home is your personal space

Sharing a roof with family or friends entails having only your bedroom as your personal space. You’re confined to this four-cornered space for privacy and storage. 


When you decide to live alone, you have the whole place as a personal space. Do you want to cry in the middle of your kitchen at 3 am? That’s fine. No one will judge and interrupt you from your moment. 


Do you feel tired and not in the mood to clean up after cooking? That’s up to you. Although we won’t recommend you do this regularly as it would be unhygienic, we all know that there are really days in our lives when all we want to do is rest after a long day’s work. 

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Having your entire home as your personal space, you get to have that bigger, more peaceful, and quieter environment, which is beneficial for you to recover from the daily stresses of life. 


3. No Compromises on Home Decor

Having the entire home to yourself will allow you to personalize home decor. Do you want to put picture frames of loved ones in the living room? Go ahead. It would be good for you to have something that will remind you of your home.


Do you want to decorate for Christmas as early as September? Suit yourself. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas for a long time. Or maybe you want to put off designing your interiors in the meantime and settle with just the necessities. No one will pressure you from filling your house with decor. 


When you live alone, you’re only bounded by your budget and time when it comes to decorating your home. You also get to decide whether you’ll decorate it more or not. Your home will be what you want it to be. 


4. You decide when you want to be social or not

Another good thing when you’re living alone is that you can decide when to spend social time without being pressured by other people. Unlike those sharing their home with roommates or families, you decide when you can invite company to your home. 


5. You learn financial independence

Whether you’re a young adult or a college student staying in an apartment, living alone lets you experience the taste of adulthood. Attaining that freedom of independence comes with new responsibilities–particularly in the financial aspect of living. 

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Living alone will force you to handle your finances responsibly, but it also gives you the satisfaction of being financially free. Knowing that you’re in control of spending your hard earned money without having to hear arguments about how much time will be allowed for the air conditioner to run or how much time you should spend showering makes ‘living alone’ inviting. 


6. You gain confidence and independence

If you’re used to having your dad check and repair malfunctioning appliances at home, or maybe you’re used to waking up in the morning with breakfast already served, you’re in for the challenge of your life. Everything will change as soon as you start living on your own. 


Living alone means you need to cope with life without or with very minimal help from your parents. You’ll not be calling your mom from another city to cook your meals or your dad to replace the broken bulb in your room because that defeats the purpose of moving out of your home. 


When living alone, you must learn the basics of fixing minor appliance malfunctions. You’re responsible for contacting your repairman if the damage is a bit out of your skills. You’re also in charge of paying the bills and cleaning your whole house. 


Cooking even the simplest kinds of food is also a must. You’re not just going to have your food delivered all the time. 


Living alone will make you more confident in your skills. You’ll never know what you’re really capable of unless you’re put in a position where you’re the only one in charge.


7. You will learn and be more accepting of yourself

Learning about your real self and being more accepting of it is by far the most important thing you’ll gain from living alone. Before entering this stage of your life, you sometimes get used to fit with the standards others set about how you should act or decide. 

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With living alone, it’s all on you. When making decisions, you and only you are bound to experience its effects, good or bad. Therefore, you only need to trust yourself. And when you start trusting yourself, you’ll be more self-accepting and self-loving. 


Furthermore, the more you gain positive feelings about yourself, the more you change your perspective. You’ll be able to view yourself in a more positive light and learn about it even more. 


Living alone is not for everyone because not everyone views the value of solitude similarly. As social as human beings are, some people see achieving peace and tranquility as a means of enjoyment. They are enjoying their own company. 


However, not everyone living alone is the same. There are some who might be solo dwellers, yet they spend more time with friends, family, and even co-workers outside. 


The reasons that underlie decisions to live alone vary, yet we can all experience the same benefits. Living alone can be liberating and freeing. It would be good to learn how to be happy even when alone–and be self-sufficient generally. 

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