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Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Selling or buying a home is a breathtaking event for everyone. Both the rousing of the quest and the pleasure of the deal are present.

A brilliant real estate agent who understands the market will guide you through the entire process. However, with a broad selection of brokerages and agents to choose from, you may discover that finding the perfect fit is more challenging than you imagined.

Working with a top agent who is knowledgeable and trustworthy may help ensure that your property sells for top money or that you buy at the best possible price.

Anthony Leuterio, Founder of Filipino Homes, shares his best advice on how potential buyers and sellers should ensure that the real estate agent or agency they’re working with is the perfect one for them.

Three Major Types of Properties

Real estate includes water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, bridges, and any permanent modifications to the land, whether natural or man-made. A type of real property is called “real estate.” 

Broadly speaking, the physical surface of the land, what is above and below it, what is permanently attached to it, and all ownership rights—including the right to hold, sell, lease, and enjoy the land—are all included in real estate.

And there are three major types of real estate properties. 

Resale Properties – are homes that a current owner bought and now wishes  

to sell on. 

Rental Properties – refers to properties bought by an investor and occupied by tenants under a lease or other sort of rental agreement.

Project Selling – A project that an individual can purchase prior to construction or while in construction. Condos, lots, houses and lots, and even office spaces are typically offered for sale.

What Values Do You Need From Agents When Dealing With Resale Properties?

It is critical to hire or retain someone well-versed in the field. These agents will also be more knowledgeable about average offering and selling prices than agents who do not frequently operate in that area.

 To help with the task, here are some qualities to look for from an agent. 

1. Organizes and helps you on preparing the documents.

2. Determines your homes list price

3. Takes great photographs

4. Inspects your home personally

5. Guides you through the overall process of selling or buying

6. Takes a video or other media of your home (e.g., virtual tour, panorama, 3D photos)

7. Promote your listings on real estate websites and promotes them on social media sites.

8. Creates professional ads of your home and provides home improvement recommendations.

What Value Do You Need From Agents When Dealing with Rental Properties?

Renting a home involves a significant amount of effort and dedication, which many property owners lack the time or motivation to devote. A skilled property manager will cover all the hassles and drawbacks of renting for you, potentially making your life much easier.

When looking for the ideal agent or agency for your rental property, make sure you pick someone who will work hard to protect your investment. Aside from protection, here are the other qualities to look for. 

1. Choose a reputable rental agency that specializes in rentals.

2. Sourcing and screening potential tenants

3. Advertising and marketing your property consistently online 

4. Helps you determine my rental price

5. Takes a video or other media of your home (e.g., virtual tour, panorama, 3D photos)

6. Consistently shows your properties to potential clients

7. Understands the rental process from presenting the property to a potential tenant to moving in.

What Value Do You Need From Agents When Dealing With Project Selling?

Just because an agent is the most successful in a given region doesn’t mean they are the ideal person to sell your project property.

You’ll need to delve a little deeper to find the local agent with the greatest project property experience.

Agents that have sold project property before are experienced with working drawings, fixtures, fittings, finishes, and how to convey the idea.

It’s not as straightforward as most people believe. Collaborating with a project property specialist specializing in selling carries more weight than partnering with the most well-known realtor with the most listings.

Here are some points to consider before locking in your agent.

1. Must obtain PRC & DHSUD accreditation, regardless if a broker is doing project selling or “sell-all.”

2. Must belong to a reputable company

3. Every project must be with an LTS number

4. Familiarity with the local area and neighborhood

5. Approachable and friendly

6. Answers your call anytime

7. Must provide after-service support 

8. Must promote projects with a VIRTUAL TOUR

9. Listens to your real estate needs.

10. Recommends you three great projects.

How can a Rent Manager Help You?

A landlord may consider hiring a property manager or management business for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the amount of rental units in a landlord’s portfolio has outgrown their ability to manage them. If the property is located in another city, town, or even province, having someone else manage the rental may be beneficial.

Below are the some of the common responsibilities of a rent manager:

  1. Markets your property
  2. Finds and evaluates prospective tenants
  3. Deals with tenants, including repair and maintenance issues
  4. Collects rents
  5. Evicts tenants if needed
  6. Property inspection when the tenant decides to leave the property
  7. Sets leases to make sure that the landlord is protected

Why Do You Need a Rent Manager?

Top reasons why you should hire a rent manager

  1. They know the law. Qualified rent managers are knowledgeable of the law (including Rent Control Act or Condominium Act, for example). They can also help you draw out legal contracts that provide adequate protection for you and your investment.
  2. They market your property and evaluate tenants for you. Marketing your property takes a lot of time and energy already. Rent managers have an extensive network and experience to help you source and shortlist potential tenants.
  3. They make sure your property is well-maintained. Property managers deal with repair and maintenance issues your tenants may have. They are also in charge of property inspection in between leases. Seasoned rent managers have a network of service providers like cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, etc that they can tap when needed.
  4. They oversee tenant changeovers. Especially if you allow short-term leases, your property manager can help deal with scheduling bookings, signing contracts, meeting and greeting renters upon their arrival, providing them with a key and instructions, and collecting payment. They will likewise be responsible to collect the key and any outstanding money due and inspecting the property for damages at the end of the lease.
  5. They bridge the relationship between you and your tenant. Your property (and neighborhood) will likely face issues. Tenants will expect you to come and deal with all these immediately if not sooner. You don’t want to be frequently bothered with these small, but important repairs or improvements your property needs.


Choosing the right real estate agent for you matters.

The best real estate agent makes a difference in a competitive housing market. The more familiar a buyer’s agent is with a given location, the more likely they will help you find the best property at the right price, on your timeline, and within your budget.

You may now engage with a listing agent who has a good track record and can help you properly advertise your property and negotiate offers so that you come out on top, thanks to Anthony Leuterio, Father of Filipino Homes, and his fantastic advice!

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