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Garden Landscaping for New Homeowners

If you have extra money to spare, garden landscaping is another good investment for your home. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your property, but it also helps in increasing its value. There are different types of landscaping depending on your taste or budget. As a new homeowner, learning these things may seem overwhelming at first.

But fret not! We have compiled a list of garden landscaping ideas for you. We also include budget-friendly alternatives to create enchanting outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Garden Landscaping Ideas:

  1. Install Garden Ponds

Garden ponds can elevate your outdoor space. Having one in your garden is an excellent method to attract friendly bugs in your backyard naturally. It adds aesthetic appeal and provides a fantastic source of food and water for some frogs, fishes, and insects. 

The most common garden pond is a waterfall with a koi pond. You can spice this design by adding water lilies or stone fixtures. If you’re into Asian themes, you can add a little bamboo fountain for your garden pond. Bamboos will surely bring out the Zen garden vibes in your place. 

  1. Design a Flower Wall

A flower wall is a terrific way to add personality and flair to your garden without spending a lot of money. Flower walls are a popular DIY project that has gained popularity in recent years. This project is beautiful and simple, making it a great addition to any landscape design.

Decide on what flowers and plants you will mix and match unto the wall. Research how big the flower gets when it blossoms to determine how it fits your desired area.

Take note: Not all flowers have the same requirements to grow healthy. For example, some need more water, and some need less sunlight than others. If your place does not get enough sun because of high buildings, opt for indoor plants. 

Then, go online to learn the best approach to taking care of them individually. 

  1. Put a Swing in the Garden

Nothing beats having a picturesque garden and a space where you can sit down and appreciate its beauty. Make sure to place the swing in a perfect spot that allows you to relax. You can create a stone path through the landscaped area that leads you to swing. If you want to add a touch of nature, consider adding vining flowers beside it. You can even put sweet-smelling flowers to make this place a better place to hang out.

  1. Grow from a Seed

It’s a no-brainer. The cheapest way to create a thriving garden is to plant from a seed. You don’t even have to worry about the time it takes for a garden to grow. Sometimes, seeds sowed in a good place can mature roughly when it takes a potted plant to establish and thrive.

If you want to, you can plant native grass seeds. Native grass seed can be used to replace the wood mulch around and between plants. This results in a living green mulch in a thickly planted area. This green layer also provides wildlife habitat, regulates erosion, improves soil quality, and reduces weed growth.

  1. Start a Mini Vegetable Garden

Fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits don’t require a lot of areas to grow. You don’t even need a garden bed to get started. In fact, you can grow tasty and healthy plants if you only have a large container, a good soil, enough water, and adequate sun.

Remember that vegetables thrive in soil that is rich in nutrients. Fertile soil with organic matter is essential for the growth of vegetables. A good soil will also affect the quality of taste of the crops. Soil health is why wines extracted from the same group in different regions may have different tastes. It is also the reason why some places grow hotter chili peppers than others. 

  1. Repurpose Old Tires

Tires are big and difficult to dispose of. So instead of simply letting it gather dirt on the corner, why not make use of them in your garden? Old tires are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. You can look for one in your local recycling center or ask for one from a friend. Here are some ways to recycle the tires for your plants:

  • Cover the tire with a rattan rope to create rustic patio ottomans. 
  • Stack tires and paint them to create colorful planters.
  • Create a hanging planter by holding the tire vertically and filling the bottom part with soil. Attach it to a wall or fence.
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