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Why Invest in Real Estate in Dumaguete

More and more city-dwellers are moving towards the suburbs and provinces in recent years. Urban folks found many benefits living outside the busy metropolis – such as cleaner air, less traffic, and larger homes.

For real estate investors, this means putting a premium on properties in the countryside.

Aside from the low cost of living, provinces are also closer to spectacular vacation spots. Surprisingly, most sub-urban even have modern medical services and a variety of utility shops and services. One of the best places to enjoy this convenience of urban development in a laid-back, rural setting is Dumaguete City.

Dumaguete City

Dumaguete is a third-class city and the capital of the province of Negros Oriental. It once made headlines in Forbes Magazine 2014 as among the seven best places to retire in the world. In 2019, the Philippines officially named it as the country’s best place for retirees.

Additionally, it also earned the nickname of “The City of Gentle People.” As a University town, visitors could feel the vibrancy and the free-spirited vibes wherever they go. This is partly because ‘millennials’ generally dominate the population of the city.

Instead of leaving after the trip, most tourists fall in love with this charming city. In fact, the word “Dumaguete” itself is coined from a Cebuano word that means “to snatch.” It describes the supposed power of the city to attract and keep visitors permanently.

What’s more? Dumaguete lived up to its name. Here are the main reasons why you would want a property in Dumaguete:

Facilities and Services

The humble city has many good hospitals, branches of national banks, shopping centers, and various restaurants. Moreover, the place has good reception of telecommunications and has access to stable internet and cable TV.

Owning a property in the provinces means you get to enjoy an affordable, well-maintained lifestyle. Labor and construction materials are cheaper, and the real estate taxes are lower too.

Luckily, Dumaguete is also abundant with local materials. So instead of paying transportation fees for building supplies, you can directly save vast amounts of money by supporting local construction products. Not only do you help them create demand for the items, but you help their economy and tourism. When the economy and tourism are healthy, it is good for the real estate sectors.

Tourist Spots and Attractions

Dumaguete unlocks a new adventure as it is graced with scenic coastlines, serene waterfalls, and striking trekking trails.

Among these is Apo Island that is 30 kilometers south of the city. Apo gained the reputation of having a massive quantity of unique fishes, turtles, and coral gardens. This maritime haven is also a marine reserve that protects over 400 coral and 650 fish species. As such, snorkeling and scuba-diving became Dumaguete’s biggest attraction. The majestic is easily accessible, too. You may take a tricycle to Malatapay Port and take a short 30-minute boat ride to the island from the city proper.

If you are also looking for a quick breather within the city, you may head to Rizal Boulevard. The iconic boulevard is the most famous spot in Dumaguete. Only a few walks from the metro, you now have a picturesque view of the sea and the horizon. Lamp posts and century-old trees stretch into the path walk. There are also al-fresco restaurants within the area that allows you to experience a fine-dining experience overlooking coastal scenery.

Owning a property in Dumaguete feels like living in a vacation house because it is closer to nature and tourist spots.

Heritage and Tradition

The city has a rich and diverse heritage and tradition. The majority of its geographic area rests near the coastlines. As such, locals highly depend on the sea for a living. One of their highly-prized tradition is the Birik-birik.

Birik-birik is a method of fishing using artificial bait. The fisherman has a long single dropper with multiple hooks attached to assure fishers of a huge catch in one haul. The practice has since been involved in the annual Birik-birik competition among the Dumageueteneos. In addition, participants are required to catch the balo. This pelagic fish lives close to the surface and then is shared with the rest of the community after the event,

Culture and the Community

You also don’t need to worry about fitting in with the community. As a “City of Gentle People,” residents are generally friendly, warm, and mild-mannered. They treat newcomers and visitors with an innate sense of hospitality.

If they treat travelers and strangers as family, imagine how the locals will make you feel belong when you start living there. Their genuine character, plus their love for community-building, is one of the reasons why most visitors come back and eventually settle.

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