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Must-Have Qualities of a Good Realtor

Just like with other professionals that offer their service, you also set standards when it comes to choosing realtors. The best realtor must possess certain qualities so that you can truly trust them with your real estate investment. 

Buying a property is a major investment, so make sure that you tap the right person to guide you in making decisions until you finally purchase the property you like.

There are many different players in the world of real estate, including appraisers, bankers, contractors, home inspectors, property managers, mortgage loan officers, government agencies, and prospective buyers and sellers. 

But the most common real estate transactions that we do involves agents and brokers. There are so many real estate agents or salesperson in your area for sure. So, it’s not always easy to decide who among them will be your trusted property advisor. To help you decide, here are the top 10 qualities and traits that successful real estate professionals should possess.


How can you say that a salesperson is someone whom you can rely on your real estate transactions?

Look for someone with strong integrity. Usually, realtors have a common script in marketing properties, but when you have approached someone who has a unique suggestion and marketing strategy, it’s one great sign that you should trust him. Why? A realtor thinking outside of the box and implementing creative marketing strategies shows commitment to his job and is willing to go above and beyond to sell a property.

A realtor must also hold a higher ethical standard.

Networking Ability

Real estate is about connections-who you know and who knows you. It’s a reality also that without connections, you’ll find it extra challenging to be a successful real estate professional.

The ability to network is a required skill. It isn’t just an option. However, you don’t need to be an extrovert to succeed at networking. Many introverts also make the best networkers as they’re often excellent listeners and are more focused on quality conversations.

A Winning Personality

Real Estate is a people-oriented career. It’s an extra plus having a personality that can persuade prospective clients. 

A friendly and approachable personality is truly helpful to your career. Your prospective clients will enjoy and love working with you because of your amiable demeanor. This can be an extra point, and a charm as not everyone will have this kind of attitude and approach.

Strong Determination

It will be part of your reality that people will just come and go. Not all the time, you can close a deal with someone you have worked with. At times, or maybe most of the time, people will only ask for information about the properties and then will not complete the process as sure buyers.

As a realtor, you must be determined and not easily distracted by the negative cues from a client. One unsuccessful deal doesn’t mean all unsuccessful clients. 

Every deal is important, and every client wants to get what they want. As client’s representative, your goal is not just the profit to gain, but you must ensure that your client wins and gets the most of his investment.

Tech Savviness

About 5 or 10 years ago, marketing was very different than now. As technology advances, so thus people’s lives and ways of doing things. 

Traditional marketing works smoothly in the past; however, nowadays, clients and buyers first see details online-on Facebook Posts, Instagram, on websites. Therefore, to keep up with the changing buyers’ behavior, you must also know how to use the Internet, set up your e-store, and master how to create and navigate tools online. 

Before you can talk face-to-face to your prospective clients, you must first know how to answer their queries online in a way that you retain and even elevate their interest in buying a property. There are many online courses on setting up your website or simply creating a Facebook page for your marketing.

Strong Communication Skills

To be a successful realtor, you both need to master the art of being a good communicator. Learn the importance of communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal. 

You’ll be talking to your clients most of the time, and it will be easier for you to close a deal if you know how to explain all necessary information and details adequately and clearly about the property you are selling.

If you’re not a talker by nature, you can always hone your communication skills and get tips from your fellow agents or through online communication courses.

What also matters most is that you are not just an excellent communicator, but you are also telling the truth.

Dress Professionally

A channel once said, “Dress shabbily; they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, and they notice the person.” As a realtor, you are not just selling a property but also selling yourself as a trusted realtor, so dress up in the nicest way possible.

Your incredibility is sometimes judged by people on how you dress up.  As a realtor, you must care about how you look because others will. They’ll buy your image before they buy what you offer them.  So, dress accordingly! It can help add sales!

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