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Reasons To Invest in Iloilo City

Over the past years, Iloilo City has paved its way in the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index. It never fails to belong in the most competitive cities in the Philippines, and it also ranks high in good governance.

Iloilo City-the City of Love, is constantly growing and becoming more highly urbanized. Properties and businesses are continually rising, and despite everything that’s going around in the whole country, the city keeps on improving and developing. 

If you consider investing in properties and real estate, Iloilo City is undoubtedly one of the best choices you have. It will never be a waste of money to invest in properties in Iloilo City, and here is why. 


The city is a gateway to many central provinces in the country. Through Iloilo, you can easily access the Visayan regions such as Bacolod City, Antique, Guimaras, Roxas, Kalibo, and of course, the popular Aklan known for its white-sand beaches, especially Boracay. If you want to expand your business outside Manila, Iloilo is undoubtedly one of the best places to start.

Iloilo City has a strong economy

Having a high economy is one of the main reasons to invest in Iloilo. Iloilo City is very rich in history and culture, which could capture most people’s hearts. Aside from that, there are many rising institutions in Iloilo City, such as BPO, retail, medical establishments, and educational institutions. The rising economy of Iloilo City is impressive, and real-estate investors should not miss it. 

Iloilo City is Rich in Skilled Workers

Iloilo has numerous educational institutions, both private and government-funded. There are a total of 63 colleges and universities in Iloilo. It means that the province produces many educated and highly skilled workers that would hugely impact your desired property and investment. 

Iloilo is an Eco-friendly Place

Despite being a highly urbanized city, Iloilo has been dedicated to preserve nature and protect the environment. The government of Iloilo spent a lot of money to clean and upgrade the Iloilo River, an international trading port in the history of Iloilo. The city also has a unique traffic control system and provides people walkable pedestrian lanes and bike lanes, promoting healthy activities for all the individuals in Iloilo City. 

Iloilo is Also Huge When it Comes to Infrastructures

Through the administration’s Build, Build, Build program, the businesses and investments could reach other far areas. Among the Build, Build, Build projects is the Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridge Project. This project will help connect the island of Panay to Guimaras and then will link to Negros Island. Another one is the improvements for the Iloilo International Airport. New facilities will come to rise, and there will be a higher standard of operation. This improvement will help attract more tourists who can impact hugely on the city’s economy. 

Iloilo Has a Lot of Room for Development

There are three prominent real estate investment opportunities in Iloilo City: office, retail, and residential. Many outdated office buildings need new facilities.

Residential real estate opportunities compose of houses and lots. Condominium developments are popular in the market primarily because of the growth of the BPO community. For retail investments, a lot of local and national brands like SM and Robinsons are mixing well. Iloilo has a vast space available for further developments, so there is a high demand for new real estate developments in the city.

The ideal place for a real estate property in the town is a location close to universities, offices, and tourist destinations. Real estate properties close to these kinds of developments will grow higher in value. Your area should also be heavily populated because this means you are in a place with high economic activity, which would hugely affect your real estate investment value in the long run. 

Increased value of properties

As Iloilo City’s economy slowly rises, you will expect properties and real estate to follow. Many predicted that properties in Iloilo would increase in value over the following years. Iloilo is said to grow alongside Manila due to its rising economy. Knowing that the city has a growing economy and its properties are increasing in value makes Iloilo popular for many property investors. 

There is unity in Ilonggos

The best thing about Iloilo City is that its people go hand in hand to uplift the city. Despite their work and social classes, all the individuals are determined to go far and do better for the success of Iloilo’s economy.  

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