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How to Maintain Cleanliness and Orderliness at Home

Keeping your home clean might seem like a tedious, tiresome, and time-consuming task. It can be an added stress on top of your office work and other responsibilities—but it doesn’t have to be. 

We have compiled here the best tips to keep your apartment or house clean every day of the week.

Tip#1: Put Everything Away After Use

Although this is an obvious tip, failing to put away your belongings is the leading cause of untidiness at home. As you move around inside the house, see if there’s anything that you can take with you. The things placed not on their proper storage, such as a pair of shoes near the front door, shirts on your bed, and uncleaned dishes in the sink contribute to the disorder and untidy home. These simple things, when left unattended, can cause mess and limit comfortable movement inside the house.

Tip#2: Clean One Room at A time

Schedule your cleaning. It’s best to clean one area to another. Begin with cleaning one room at a time. If you are doing it alone or with the help of your kids, make sure to plan on what to do first. Start with the upper part of the room- from your ceiling down to the floor. It also helps you manage your time when you know what room is to be cleaned on that day and on the next.

Tip#3: Get the Whole Family Involved

If your kids are old enough to help you with the cleaning, it’s always an excellent and fun training to involve them as you do the job.

More hands are better than two. The task of cleaning the house will not be burdensome when the family helps one another. You can start by asking your kids to pick up things after themselves –putting dishes in the dishwasher, putting their coat and shoes away when they come in the house, cleaning their room, etc. – and adding other chores that suit their age.  

For the first few weeks, you will still need to supervise them, but over time cleaning will become their habit, and it should eventually be able to be done with minimal reminders.

Tip#4: Do a 15 Minute Nightly Clean-up

Get a timer and start this fun and helpful routine- a family 15-minute nightly clean-up. Turn on the timer and start with the top cleaning priorities. Ask the kids to do the same inside their room, so this lessens your job of cleaning the entire house by yourself. Start with the messiest area or any “must-dos” that need to be done before bed.  

Tip#5: Schedule your Laundry

Of course, each family has its own volume of laundry depending on the number of members and the nature of the job of the members. You may not be able to do the laundry daily, but one helpful practice is to schedule your laundry at least twice a week. If you go to the office for work, you can put the load on the machine and just set the timer, so when you get home in the afternoon, you can finish it and put it in the dryer. Make sure you still have the time to complete the job despite your whole day’s responsibilities.

Tip#6: Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Close to Where You Use Them

Store your basic cleaning supplies-such as polishing cloth, microfiber cloths; a toilet scrub brush, a spray bottle with water and vinegar, or a multipurpose cleaning agent-near the places where they are used. This will make the work easier because you don’t need to look for these cleaning essentials when needed.  

Tip#7: Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

This habit can make a huge difference in the overall orderliness and cleanliness of your home. While moving from one room to another, see if there is anything that you can take with you that belongs where you are going. It can be an empty glass left in a room, some trash to be thrown in the bin, or some laundry that needs to be put away upstairs.   

Tip#8: Be Happy with “Clean Enough”

Sometimes cleaning is unending, especially to those who are a perfectionist. You cannot make everything perfect inside the house, especially ensuring that everything is in its proper place and no unwanted visible dirt. It’s extra challenging if you have toddlers or pets at home. But you can always ensure that you are 90% done with the cleaning tasks and already “clean enough,” and be proud and happy for that. Never forget that a clean home is one way to make a happy home.

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