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Dealing with Bad Landlords

If not all home rental properties, most landlords screen their tenants to ensure that they won’t be in trouble along the way, such as having tenants with payment and behavior issues. Meanwhile, tenants must be as diligent as their landlords, because there will be cases that landlords are not as kind, friendly, and considerate as we all wish. 

Various situations can lead to a stressed relationship with your landlord. One best way to protect yourself from a bad landlord is to screen them before entering their property and signing any agreement. However, if your landlord has only shown his bad side after you’re on the property, document everything and look for a new home if necessary. Here are some effective tips on preventing tension with your landlord and knowing what to do if a difficult situation may arise.


It pays off if you have enough knowledge about the legalities of any investment, such as involving in the rental business or any real estate business. You must know the local laws or policies in your area, so you know what the lease agreement allows, both from the landlord’s and renter’s perspectives. 


Carefully read everything stipulated on the agreement, so you make sure that you abide by those agreements and follow your lease terms. Some properties for lease do not allow pets, repainting, changing of the fence, or overnight guests. Make sure to take note of the Dos and Donts when renting. Always check your payment due date; also, double-check your payment due date, late fees, and penalties associated with breaking your lease, as these are the most common cause of a bad relationship with the landlord.


Before moving into the chosen property, have a walk-through before moving in and photograph any existing damage in the apartment. Ask the landlord of the move-in checklist but if he doesn’t provide it, take note of any issues, present it to him before signing the agreement and be sure you both sign it. 

After you move, whatever you had discussed with your landlord, write them so that you’ll have a written document of what and when you discussed important topics. This is essential when reporting an issue. For example, if you have a problem with the drainage system and report it to your landlord, no action is taken for repairs. A month later, it floods your kitchen, and you have a record of the phone conversation and the date you reported the drainage problem; you can get back to them with those proof of requests.


Payment must be done on time or advance but never late. It’s the best way to get along with any landlord. Landlords also have other responsibilities besides attending to his rental business, so make sure you don’t add to his stressors and cause headaches because surely you don’t want to hear anything unpleasant from him. 

This is also a simple act of being a responsible tenant and can help you go a long way to having a harmonious relationship with your landlord. If you are forgetful, make a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on your fridge. It works!


Always remember that you are only a tenant, and you don’t own the place. Despite some shortcomings your landlord may have, it’s not an excuse to be rude to him or be sarcastic when discussing issues within the property. On the other hand, if you are friends with the landlord, you can still show respect and politeness. It’s not always good to have tension with your landlord, so keep calm and nicely talk things. 


There is always an option and way to compromise if you find yourself at odds with your landlord. Sometimes you really like living in the property because the environment is ideal, the facilities are superb, but the landlord seems to be an issue. When this happens, you must weigh things out and see what you can so that you and your landlord meet halfway. It’s important that you don’t damage your long-term relationship with your landlord. If there are some minor arguments, settle them down right away with your landlord and don’t let them pass because they might pile up until you are stressed out that can cause more serious trouble between the two of you.

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