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Best Housewarming Games

Housewarming is something that we look forward every time we have bought a new house or have moved into a new place. Of course, a housewarming party is always something that we look forward to because of the good food and drinks and gifts that we will be receiving and getting acquainted with our new neighbors.

If you need some ideas about what to do, do not forget to include some housewarming games to involve everyone for fun. Follow these games to keep your guests entertained and give you some great new memories to start life in your new home.

Keep Your Key

This game is all about what you shouldn’t say. Choose some forbidden words that your guests can get caught saying. Some examples of forbidden words might include home, house, mailbox, paint, kitchen, TV, etc. Print or write the forbidden words on stickers to be given to each guest. When guests arrive at your housewarming party, stick a key sticker on them (let them read it) and let the fun begin.

When the word that you’ve chosen is heard by a guest when another guest said it, they can steal their key sticker for themselves. Whoever has the greatest number of keys at the end of the party will be declared the winner.

Room Memory

This housewarming game will test your guests’ memories while they work in small teams. Pick a room in your home. For about 2 minutes, let a small group of guests go inside the room. After 2 minutes:

  • Ask them to go out of that room.
  • Give each team a pen and a paper.
  • Allow them to list whatever item they have seen inside that room.

The team with the most items listed will be the winner.

Pick a Card, Any Card

Prepare a pile of moving announcement cards ready for guests to pick up, so they have your new address. Make it a game! Write a number in the bottom corner that corresponds to those written on cards. Once all have their own cards, draw a number. The person with the same number on their moving card is the winner!

Famous House Match

Print out pictures of houses made famous by a TV show or movie. You can divide your guests into teams and let them guess which house belongs to which show. The team that can give more correct answers wins!

Home Unscramble

Make a list of scrambled words related to the home, such as bedroom, kitchen, roof, door, lawn, deck, pantry, shower, etc. Each guest must be given a list of the words, and the first one to unscramble them all is the winner. 

Scavenger Hunt

This game is one way to make sure your friends get the lay of the land in your new. Hide treasures and clues throughout your home and split your guests up into teams to finish and complete the hunt. 

Rotating Tour Guide

This game is an excellent way to help your friends get to know your new home while also giving you a little break! On a tour of your home, lead the first group, and then pick a member from that same group to act as a tour guide, and so on, until everyone has gotten a tour. This will be very fun for your guests while showing off your home. This game will also help you be free to stick by the door and greet people as they arrive.

Housewarming Gift Game

This game can only be played if someone else is planning the party for you. It will start before the guests arrive at your home. A particular gift “theme” can be noted on the invitation, such as a color or accessories for a specific room. At the party, allow your guests to explore your new home and choose the perfect place for their gifts.  This game will make you stocked up on things you need and make you enjoy watching your friends decorating your home.

Housewarming party games will help you break that barrier between you and your neighborhood. These will also instantly give your new home a warm and inviting atmosphere that will ensure a good starting friendship with your neighbors.

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