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Guide to Buying the Right Mattress

After a tiring day, all you wanted to do is to take a shower and just lie on your mattress the whole time. However, you would not dream of such a scene if your mattress were also causing your body pains. So, having a perfect, excellent, and comfortable mattress is very important.

Finding a new mattress is not always as easy as picking any option that you can see in a shop. Sometimes, it can be confusing or frustrating. Extensive research is needed to ensure you’re your mattress purchase is quality and worth your money.

There are so many brands and retailers that offer new mattresses online and in brick-and-mortar stores. So, here are some of the basic guide to help you where to start and what to do when buying a mattress.

When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

There are several reasons for changing a mattress, perhaps the old one needs replacement, is hurting your body, or it’s not the right size for you or your family.

Other factors that you must consider buying a new mattress if:

  • The mattress is older than seven years. 
  • You frequently feel body aches and pain when you wake up in the morning.

What is the Best Mattress?

“How do I know the best mattress for me?”, “What is the best mattress?” These are the most common questions when buying a mattress. But the answer is, “It depends.” Mattresses are not one size fits all. People have different sleeping preferences and positions. 

What to Look in a Mattress

A mattress that keeps you in proper alignment and does not cause any pressure to your body is a good mattress for you. Some other minor factors to look for are motion transfer, edge support, and temperature.

Two Significant Factors to Look for in a New Mattress. Support & Comfort.

Support: It’s nice to lie in a mattress that holds you in proper alignment from head to toe, so you don’t get up the next day with backache.

Comfort: A mattress must be comfy and not causing pressure to your body, which causes tossing and turning, which makes you wake up tired.

The types of mattresses are also dependent on the materials used in them. Therefore, it is also essential to learn and familiarize yourself with their differences and how they are constructed.

Materials Used in Mattresses 

Air mattresses. You can adjust the mattress firmness depending on your preference. You will need an air pump to inflate the mattress. Typically, the bed’s side uses a separate air chamber to accommodate two sleepers with differing preferences.

Hybrid mattresses. This combination of memory foam or latex layers atop an innerspring mattress provides a mix of softness and support.

Innerspring mattresses. This type of mattress uses coils that give a traditional bounce feel and firm support.

Latex mattresses. This type of mattress typically has more bounce and responsiveness than innerspring mattresses. They also tend to sleep cooler.

Memory foam mattresses. This will provide pressure relief because it is designed to contour to the body. The material sleeps warm, according to some users.


Check across stores and e-stores. If

you are using a specific brand then suddenly decided to shift to another brand of mattress, check which store is credible that offers quality mattresses. It would also be helpful if you can visit the physical store to see the mattress yourself. Ask permission from the store owner or manager if you can lie down on a few different mattresses for a few minutes each. Don’t be self-conscious—this is an important purchase, so take your time.

Watch out for “false” labels.

For marketing purposes, some sellers put labels like “orthopedic” or “medically-approved,” yet, in fact, there is no medical organization that medically certifies mattresses to carry these labels. Some mattresses may have orthopedic-friendly features, but no medical group proves these claims.

Check Reviews

Do not easily believe whatever mattress companies say. Of course, everyone wants to get sales, so pay attention to what real customers say. Carefully read testimonies and feedbacks about the mattress quality. Weigh what kind of feedbacks does this store particular receives? 

Make a Simple Survey Online

Social media nowadays help connect with families and friends and very beneficial to doing surveys, just like when you ask for recommendations before your purchase. Ask people’s advice and suggestion about which mattress is the best and can be easily bought in your area.

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