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Common Problems faced by First-time Renters

You will eventually leave the four corners of your parents’ house to become an independent adult. This means finding your own place to live, especially when moving to a big city for work or starting a new family.

In such instances, buying property or a house can be expensive for someone who just moved out from their parent’s house, especially if you do not have much savings to use.

Therefore, your first independent living experience will probably be renting a room or apartment. Renting has now become the norm for young professionals or adults who are not yet ready to commit to the financial responsibility of buying and maintaining a house.

Also, renting offers advantages as compared to buying and owning a property.

Should you decide to rent a property, there are many things to know as a first-time renter, including some of the common problems faced by first-time renters.

It is essential to learn the process of finding the most suitable rental place for you and maintaining it to avoid these common problems faced by first-time renters.

Clueless of the Rental Application Process

A common problem faced by first-time renters is their lack of knowledge about the processes involved in finding and securing a place.

So, one thing to know as a first-time renter is your tenant rights. The state has provided tenants with security through laws that ensure fair treatment and a worthy rental experience among rental properties.

Another thing you need to prepare as a first-time renter is your official documents, which might be needed when applying for a rental property. Lacking or not having these documents ready can delay your application.

Also, take note that there are a variety of landlords out there. Some are nice, while some are problematic. You have to ask important questions to your landlord, especially those concerning matters of payment, the inclusion of amenities, maintenance, and the contract.

Having No/Bad Credit History

Another problem encountered by first-time renters is bad credit, which accumulated when they were younger. If this happens, opt for independent property owners. These are rental property owners who don’t work with a property management company and are less particular on credit card history.

No Rental References

One easy way to secure a quality rental property is through referrals. These can come from relatives, friends, or other people who have great feedback or commendable experience with specific rental properties.

After all, word of mouth is still credible. These recommendations are also based on experience, so rest assured, you are being referred to quality properties.

If you opt to have a roommate, you can help each other find recommended properties and decide for yourselves.

Maintenance Problems

Being in a new home can be one of the challenges in renting a property. Most rental properties are maintained by the landlord, while the tenants themselves are tending some.

Maintenance problems are inevitable in every home, and to solve this concern, you need to clarify with your landlord who gets to do and pay for the maintenance. Secure an effective complaint resolution system to convey your maintenance problems in the future quickly. This resolution system must include ways on:

● how to relay your request for maintenance

● the expected response time for different types of maintenance complaints

● protocols in case of an emergency

● Whatever the chosen mode of notification

Ensure that contacting your landlord can be done quickly and remember to always keep your communication in writing and other paperwork and receipts for proof and documentation. One of the problems first-time renters encounter is landlords who are often unavailable for whatever concerns they have.

Noisy Neighbors

Renting a property means having neighbors. Often, only a wall separates you from the people next door. In this situation, you can inevitably get distracted by their loud noises, such as having a party, blasting their stereo with music, or even loud noises of children playing.

Fortunately, you can do some things to augment this problem. You can increase your insulation or install new carpeting or soundproofing. If things continue or get worse, you can also ask your landlord to speak to your neighbor to manage their noises.

As a first-time renter, learn to cope with your situation fairly and remember that you need to clarify things with your landlord before signing your lease, so you know what you are getting into.

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