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Best Festivals in Davao

Davao is not only known for its rank as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines and Asia. Davao is also known for its rich natural resources and must-see tourist destinations. However, it doesn’t stop there!

The province is also known for its colorful, loud, and exhilarating festivals. Watching and joining festivals in Davao should now be a part of your “what-to-do in Davao” list.

There are many fun things to do in Davao, and its festivals are a part of it. Of course, there is a lot to mention, but certain festivals stand out, and here are the ones you should not miss.


There are five must-attend festivals in Davao City alone. Lucky are those who reside among the city’s high-rise and luxurious real estate properties, like the Piazza, located in the Grand Citygate and Arezzo Place Davao in Doña Pilar, as they have access to witness these festivities.

1. Kadayawan Festival

The famed Kadyawan festival is celebrated in the city of Davao. This is one of the highly anticipated festivals all over the country.

When is it held?

Dabaweños celebrate the Kadayawan Festival every 3rd week of August.

What is it for?

The festival is celebrated in August as a form of thanksgiving for its bountiful natural resources, harvest, and wealth. Most importantly, the Kadayawan festival serves as a tribute to the Lumads, an indigenous group living in Davao.

What to expect?

There will be parades of floats covered in real and fresh flowers that tourists and locals wish to see. Aside from that, a street dance competition is also held during the festival.

2. Araw Ng Dabaw

This is a cited celebration in Davao that attracts both local and foreign tourists. It’s a month-long celebration with many activities.

When is it held?

Araw ng Dabaw starts on the first day of March and extends till the end of the month.

What is it for?

From the name itself, Araw ng Dabaw serves as a celebration of the foundation of the city.

What to expect?

Probably one of the fun things to do in Davao is tasting its exotic cuisines. In relation to that, Araw ng Dabaw starts with showcasing its unique cuisines from homegrown restaurants in the event called ‘Tilaw Dabaw’. There’s also ‘Hugyaw Dabaw’ where Dabaweños showcase their talents in singing and dancing. There’s also ‘Istilo Dabaw’ where local fashion designers take the spotlight. There are also the usual pageants and battle of the bands and sounds. During Araw ng Dabaw, you will never run out of fun things to do in Davao.

3. Pasko Fiesta sa Davao

From the name itself, this is a festival dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. The city is covered with glittering fairy lights and Christmas ornaments. Since people in the country love to celebrate Christmas, this is one of the most awaited festivals in Davao.

When is it held?

Following the Christmas season, Pasko Fiesta sa Davao starts during the last week of September till the 1st week of January.

What is it for?

The festival is for the people of Davao to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

What to expect?

During this season, the city is covered in many glittering lights. The lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree marks the beginning of many activities. The highlights of the festival are:

1. Parol sa mga Barangay

A parol display contest within the city. With each barangays competing for the prize.

2. Kahayag sa Pasko

A design contest for the best put-up lights among participating establishments.

3. Tugtugan sa Pasko

What are festivities without music? Tugtugan sa Pasko is a battle of the bands and is one of the festival’s highlights.

4. Chinese New Year Festival and Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

These festivals are tributes to the Chinese ancestors and the Chinese culture in the city of Davao. Both celebrations are done for the unity of the community.

Chinese New Year Festival

It is an extravagant celebration of the coming of the new year. It is marked by the ceremonious exchanging of gifts and wishing everyone a prosperous new year. It is celebrated with motorcades and film showing. Chinoys and pure Chinese residents would go on temple visits to commemorate their Chinese heritage.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

This is celebrated when there is a full moon. The full moon is a representation of happiness, reunion, and harmony. Families would come together to show unity by sharing mooncakes at the table. The lantern shows are the awaited events during this festival.

So, now prepare to enjoy these festivities. Plus, get a piece of this advantageous city, with its many opportunities and exciting festivities, by investing in Davao.

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