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Why Invest In Davao

Millennials are encouraged to invest in real estate. Real estate properties are increasing in value and are expected to keep rising in future years. It is both a matter of what to invest in and where to invest.

Metro Manila is already heavily congested. Davao, on the other hand, is one of your better options. There are many good things about Davao that will spark your interest.


There are many advantages to investing in Davao that many people have overlooked. Here’s a list of reasons why you should invest in Davao City:

Davao City is a livable city

One of the many good things about Davao is that the city is livable. Davao earned the title of a livable city because of the low crime rates in the city. Its local government also implements strict enforcement of the law. Also, Davao has centralized communication for emergency responses during calamities.

Highly Urbanized City

Davao might not be a city from central Luzon, but it was still ranked as the 2nd highly urbanized city in 2020. The rankings were done by the Department of Trade and Industry. Highly urbanized cities are ranked and scored according to their economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, and resiliency.

Property Investment Hub

The Philippines is known for its real estate and property development. The country bagged many awards during the Asia Pacific Property Awards in these categories. Real estate companies eye highly urbanized cities for their property development. Now, both investors and end-users prefer Davao City out of all the other places in Mindanao.

Economic Competitiveness

Davao city is known for its economic dynamism. The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) ranked Davao second in competitiveness. This means that the city is an attractive business destination for investments.

Strategic Location

Like Metro Manila, Davao is the center of education, business, and finance in Mindanao. The top 5 universities are located in Davao. Aside from that, there are other tertiary schools in the city. The base of operations of the largest bank (One Network Bank) in the country is in Davao. Additionally, the city is accessible to all forms of transportation via land, air, and sea.

Easy Business

Davao ranked 2nd out of 25 as the ideal city for doing business in the Philippines. This poll was done by the World Bank Group. This ranking was made possible by the establishment of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC). The DCIPC was established to assist investors by providing free services. The free services offered include finding suitable sites, securing business permits and licenses, investment incentive facilitation, investment counseling, manpower, and raw materials, business matching, and data banking.

Investors and business owners cite these advantages of investing in Davao.

First-Class Services and Lifestyle

Davao offers both the best urban amenities and rural ambiance. It is a city where development and leisure go hand in hand, offering its residents and tourists, both local and foreign, affordable luxuries. The city is also home to many well-equipped hospitals, prestigious hotels, well-known shopping malls, clean beaches, and unique cuisines.

As many have gone to Davao, there is an intermingling of culture for work or permanent residency. There is a global outlook in the City of Davao where culture thrives while opening itself to development.

Active Tourism Industry

Another reason why Davao is an attractive spot for people is because of its tourism industry, offering great tourist destinations and experiences. Tourism encourages people to visit the place, and what do they need first when they arrive there? Accommodation.

They can either opt for a local accommodation spot or stay in rental spaces within the city.

Some of these tourists are so enticed that they decide to purchase a space of living there or settle there for good. This is an excellent opportunity for the real estate industry.

Here are just some of the best tourist destinations in Davao:

  • Davao’s crocodile park
  • Davao’s Butterfly House
  • Eden Nature Park
  • Davao’s China Town
  • Philippine-Japanese Historical Museum
  • Buenavista Island
  • Reta Island
  • Balut Island

By now, you’re probably convinced that investing in Davao is a good idea. Davao holds many opportunities for investors with its current development. What’s more is that Davao is just a developing city, it has not yet reached its full potential. Invest as early as now and watch your investments grow through the years.

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