Things to Consider when Building a Loft

A loft is a great extension idea to your home to create a new space for anything you wish. One of the benefits of having a loft at home is that you can convert the space into a bedroom, an entertainment room where your family can enjoy movies on the weekend, a great home office far from the noise, or a simple relaxation area with lots of natural light, calming silence, and a view of the outdoors.

Also, adding a loft in your home adds to the property value of your house should you plan to sell it in the future. It is also a cheaper option of providing additional space to the family instead of moving out to a bigger house.

If you are convinced that adding a loft to your home is a smart choice, then here are a few things you need to consider when installing a loft in your home.

Is your house foundation strong enough?

Building a loft means adding extra weight to your house. Even if this is just a minimal addition, you still need first to check whether your foundations can hold the loft.

To answer this, you can ask experts in the field to check the status of your foundation and determine whether adding a loft to your home is a feasible idea.

Is the head height sufficiently tall?

Another thing to consider when installing a loft in your home is the head height of the space. For reference, a standard loft should at least be 230 cm or 7 and a half feet from the floor to the roof. Also, check the thickness of the slab and flooring.

Already consider your stairs, possible tanks, and bathroom space if you choose to install one.

How will you regulate lighting and ventilation? 

One of the many advantages of building a loft at home is that you never have to worry much about natural lighting since there is easy access to it. Your best option is a skylight – the best window type for your loft.

This window type will maximize the entry of light to your loft space. It is also a great way to save on energy bills as you only need artificial lighting at night.

Another thing to consider when installing a loft in your home is ventilation. It can be very hot in the space in the summer. The important thing to do is to have enough window space to allow airflow.

You can also install dormer windows at the side or back part of your loft to also allow enough ventilation in the room. Remember to install your dormer window during the summer since your loft will become exposed to elements during the construction.

You can also opt to soundproof your loft area, especially if you choose to make it into a bedroom, entertainment room, or a home office so as not to disturb those who are on the lower floors.

How will you install the stairs?

One of the trickier aspects of having a loft in your home is planning where to strategically put the stairs and what type of stairs would work best in the space. Narrow and tight stairs may work to save space, but it will be a challenge to transport furniture with those dimensions.

In this case, you would need an expert to plan this out. You can work with a Structural Engineer or Architect to design the perfect flight of stairs for your loft. You can also wisely choose furniture that is portable in the dimensions of your planned stairs.

If you are extra secure, you can also design the stairs for leading to a fire escape or an outside door as an important fire safety protocol.

How will you manage your storage?

You must be creative in planning your storage space for your loft. It would still depend on how the area would function. If you convert the space into a bedroom, you would need a lot of storage area for your things, whereas if you decide to make it into an entertainment room or a home office, minimal storage space is required.

Turning the loft into a bedroom also requires you to install a bathroom for convenience.

What style are you planning to integrate into your loft?

Since a loft is technically an extension of the house, it is wise to complement the loft design with the overall style of the house or of the space right underneath the loft. This is to make a more cohesive interior that will look more pleasing to the eyes.

You can do this by incorporating the color scheme to the loft or using the same materials from the house style to the loft area.

But at the end of the day, you, as the homeowner, still have the liberty in terms of design. You can transform the loft into a different space as if detached from the rest of the house.

For the safety of your kids, never make the loft a playroom for the children.

How safe are your electrical installations?

Finally, hire a professional to do your electrical installation to make sure that your electrical installations are 100% secure and safe. You can also include smoke alarms just to be extra safe.

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