Guide to Designing Your Bathroom

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is usually where people get the peace and relaxation they need within the house. Therefore, it is important to design an efficient bathroom that provides you with that spa-like experience.

Here are the things you need in designing the bathroom of your dream.

Visualize how you want it to be. Start by assessing how you want your bathroom to be, who will be using it, and the overall ambiance you want to get from it.

Remember that your bathroom should be designed for a specific purpose. Designing your bathroom exclusively for you and your partner is different when you want it to be a family bathroom even the kids can use. A luxurious spa style would also require more consideration than a guest or common bathroom that may only need a shower and a toilet bowl.

Suppose you are trying to achieve a specific ambiance, such as a peaceful room away from stress or an energizing vibe. In that case, your fixtures, items, and color design will be influenced by your preference.

Measure your space. After deciding on the vibe, you are going for, time to go technical, starting by measuring the dimensions of the space, including walls and doors. Include the possible dimensions of basic bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet bowl, shower area, counter, etc.

Allot enough space between the elements to retain that breathable feeling and also consider how the space would work with two or more people inside.

Decide on the layout. Designing your bathroom could either mean totally remodeling the entire space or retaining its layout and just do some minor changes to achieve your preference. The latter is much more cost-efficient than renovating the space, but this also means working with the fixed layout and making the best out of it. The best way to get a fresher look for your bathroom with the same layout is to replace some fixtures and change the color scheme of the space.

Another way to help you decide whether to renovate or just revise is to consider any possibilities of your family moving out of the house in the future. If this is the case, then renovating the space into an efficient and attractive bathroom design can be a valuable investment that will benefit you when you decide to sell the house in the future.

Define your style. In designing your bathroom, pick a style that you want. Deciding on the style of your bathroom will help you start identifying the specific things you need from what you do not need or may not be suited for your chosen style.

You can either go for a specific style of an era or historical period or you can choose between classic or contemporary designs.

Your wall paint can help you convey your style. Choose light colors to make the room appear more spacious. Lighter shades of blues, greens, and earthy shades are your best options.

Wall paint also helps get rid of moisture in the air from being trapped, resulting in the growth of molds in corners.

If you are short of inspiration, you can check the websites of hotels to get style ideas. Also, you can use a mood board to express your vision to whoever is working with you on designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Don’t cram in everything. Just because you like something does not mean you can put it all there in your bathroom. Remember that you are working with limited space, so you have to be wise about what you place to achieve the best bathroom design for your home.

Don’t forget ventilation. Take note that condensation can potentially damage anything made out of wood inside your bathroom. So, when designing for this space, allow enough flow of air inside.

Allot enough storage space. Hotels may give you the impression that bathrooms do not need that much space for storage, but in reality, home bathrooms need a lot of that space. When designing your bathroom, allocate storage space for your bathroom essentials. You know there are a lot, especially if it is a common bathroom. Therefore, make sure that everything has its place and there are no reasons for any item to be left where it should not be.

You can install mirrored cabinets and extra drawers beneath the counter to store towels and dry essentials while also allotting enough space for items that get wet.

Proper and enough lighting. Enough lighting means the space is well-lit for the activities inside. On the other hand, proper lighting is about choosing dimensions of lighting that work well in different circumstances. For instance, install low lighting for midnight trips to the bathroom to avoid eye strain. Also, keep the lighting warm and cozy unless you prefer bright lights.

On tiles. Whatever design you choose, there are important factors to consider when choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom. They should be water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, warm to your feet, and non-slippery. For this, you can go for natural stone tiles, porcelain and ceramic, and rubber flooring.

Finally, the final budget. On to the last stage of designing your bathroom, it is time to check your budget and work with the design you want and the money you have. You can balance design and budget by investing in one quality and preferred item while choosing more cost-efficient items for the rest of the space. Take note; you still have labor costs, so don’t forget about that.

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