Organizing a Pantry in Your Home

Pantries are extra spaces in your home that offer additional storage for your kitchen amenities and materials. Some may see a pantry as a fancy addition to the kitchen space, but in reality, it is way more than that. There are a lot of practical benefits to having a pantry at home.

Sure enough, pantries can cost a good amount of money to be crafted or installed, but several options are way cheaper.


Additional storage. Whether it is a walk-in or built-in pantry, the primary purpose of installing a pantry at home is to provide additional space for storage. This can be for non-perishable items or perishable ones that do not need to be refrigerated.

Another advantage of having a pantry in your home is that you can stock items at once, reducing trips to the grocery store to buy individual items. Also, when you have enough stock at home, you are ensured of enough essential items for your meals for a certain period.

Organized items. With a pantry at your home, you can organize your items so you can work efficiently without struggling to find items in different locations and spending much time going around your kitchen area. Items are easily accessed and seen.

Free up cabinets and counters with unnecessary items. Some items which are seldom used still take up space as they are typically placed on kitchen counters and kitchen cabinets. Having a pantry at your home also means you can store these items and appliances which you seldom use in your pantry and only take them out when needed.

This gives you additional storage in your countertops and kitchen cabinets which you can use to store more frequently used items and appliances.

All in one place. In addition to easier access to your items, another advantage of having a pantry in your home is having all the necessary food items in one place. You can just go to one place to get everything you need.

Also, having a pantry means you have one specific space where to unload your grocery items. This will save you time, rather than moving around from cabinet to cabinet to organize your restocks.

Know your inventory. This means that since pantries provide an efficient way to go through all your items in one place, you would know what you have, what you still need, and what needs to be used before they expire.

This saves you the mistake of buying items you already have and wasted food items that expired without being utilized.

It’s stylish. However, design your pantry can be a testament to your style. You can either blend it with the rest of the space or make it stand out with a more stylish and accented design.

However, you should know that you can have a stylish pantry that is still within the budget. It is all a matter of planning how to balance cost with style.

Now that you know the advantages of having a pantry in your home, the question now is how to create or install your pantry.

There are two basic styles of a pantry: the floor-to-ceiling pantry and the slide-out pantry.

In deciding which design to go for, maintain a good balance of accessibility and organization to prevent unnecessary expenses.

To better understand this, a walk-in closet is a more costly upgrade than cabinets. This offers you more space for storage and more liberty to customize the space. On the other hand, cabinets can save you a good amount of money. Pull-outs are also an option but remember that this also entails extra cost. So, go for which best works for your preference and budget.

Maximizing your pantry space could mean making use of its doors as extra space for storage. You can install door-hung wire racks where you can place small items, such as bottled spices, small sachets of condiments, etc.

Freestanding shelves are your budget-friendly option. This is what we mean when we say that pantries do not need to be fancy to serve their purpose. You can opt for multi-tiered shelves for smaller items that can fit while sparing some countertop space.

Another budget-friendly option is plastic drawers. These are like pull-outs but cheaper and more convenient in a small kitchen. These shelves and drawers are just a few of your best options in organizing items. Therefore, you must be wise in choosing the quality and practicality of these furniture items.

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