A Pet Lovers Guide to Pet-Proofing Their Space

We all know how much joy and love pets bring into our lives. Unlike humans, the needs of pets in a living space are quite different. It can be tricky to consider once moving in, which is why we wanted to give you quick tips that you can remember before moving in.

1.) Make sure it’s pet friendly

First things first – secure the policies with having pets in your rental or living space. Usually condominiums and apartments have specific policies regarding pet-ownership so clarify first with your landlord or even your realtor before signing the deal. You wouldn’t want to be signing a contract and not knowing pets are allowed! If pets aren’t a part of their policies, you can try to convince them depending on the type of personality that your pet has. Is your pet a house pet? Or are they used to being outdoors? You can use your confidence in knowing your pet as a way to reassure your landlord that having a pet will not cause anyone any harm. Make sure as well that there are also pet-friendly amenities such as potty areas for dogs or big parks they can walk in, so as to benefit you as well.

2.) Consider the materials of your furniture

Another thing about living with pets is that you can never expect the kind of damage they can do to your furniture. Before purchasing any expensive interiors, it’s best to check the kind of material they are made out of. A lot of sites online recommend microfiber as a main material since it’s the most pet-friendly material out there. It’s easy to clean and easy to maintain. You can also consult your vet for any kind of specifics that your pet needs in a home so as to keep them healthy while you’re transitioning into your new home.

3.) Basic child-proofing can also be applied to pets

Things such as: keeping chemicals and harmful cleaning liquids on high shelves, keeping the toilet lid closed, and placing loose or dangling wires out of reach can all be applied to pet-proofing your space. One thing you would want to avoid is to set up all these hazards for your pet. You can’t keep an eye on them 24/7 so it’s best to make sure that their environment is safe. Owning a pet is like owning a child, you have to ensure that it is in the safest environment possible since they can’t be left alone for a long period of time. Keep in mind the things your pets gravitate to that are a big hazard for them and find a way to hide it so as to avoid any accidents.

4.) Invest in good cleaning materials.

You’re going to be dealing with a lot of fur. You’re going to need a good vacuum and good cleaning supplies. If you plan on installing rugs into your home, take note of the color of the rug. It would take a lot of work to clean a rug that has noticeable fur scattered all over it. The closest the color of the rug is to the color of your pet’s fur, the easier it is to clean. You’re going to also need cleaning materials that are pet friendly.

5.) Make sure they’re living environment is fun

Lastly, you wouldn’t want your pet to feel like he’s limited to anything fun in the apartment! Designate a play pen or a play area for your pet so they can identify it as their own fun space. We want our pets to feel loved and at home as well! For cat owners, look into scratch towers that would be perfect for your space. There are a lot of cat towers that work as accent pieces as well! Dog owners can invest in good quality dog beds so they’re dogs can lounge around when they can. Also look into apartments with parks good for dogs to run around and have fun in every now and then.

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