Let’s Get Creative: Tips on How to Add Personality into Your Space

Nothing says originality like a personalized living space. It’s easy to base off your design inspos from sources on the internet, but it is quite difficult to identify a style you can truly associate with. We gathered a few tips on how to find your style and implement it into your home. This will furthermore make you feel more satisfied with your rental and will encourage you to stay creative in the long run!

1.) Research on design themes that you truly love

Do you love minimalistic themes only because it’s trendy or do you love it because it is in line with your lifestyle? Choose a theme that you truly resonate with! The internet Is a great resource for you to figure out the kind of design style and living style you want to stick with throughout your rental. Most home owners opt to design their homes on their own since they have full control on the pieces they know what works for them and it’s easier to micromanage the pieces they put in their home. It’s a great start also to find inspiration in pieces you stumble upon in local stores and build your inspiration around that item.

2.) Create a mood board

Mood boards are basically a collage of inspiration pictures you find along the way throughout your research. Even a simple collage done in Microsoft Word can be used as a visual guide for what you envision your space to look like. Take note of color schemes and color palettes that tick your fancy and slowly piece them together. Find items online that you like and try to find a replica in local furniture stores. Which leads us to our next tip!

3.) Go on a hunt for unique pieces

A great tip would be looking at second-hand stores or antique stores. There are a bunch of great deals you can find in second-hand stores such as cabinets that you can refurbish and re-design as well as chairs and other knickknacks that you can customize. Also, you can check for second-hand items online and bookmark them for later. One thing that makes a home stand out in terms of design is the thought behind statement pieces scattered around the house. Say you found a door handle in a thrift shop two years ago and used it as a cabinet handle, that in itself gives the home so much personality – and also a great story to tell to your guests or to your friends!

4.) Think outside the box

Things don’t always have to match. Although be wary of mixing different pieces together since there is a fine line between artistic chaos and clutter. It’s best to group a bunch of different pieces that are of the same kind rather than to group different pieces of a different kind. That way, there can still be uniformity amidst the striking difference of these pieces. For example, you’ve collected a bunch of different frames from different places and you want to hang them up. Find a spot in your home where you can hang these frames artistically by using good photos as centerpieces as well. You can also look for pieces that are made of unique materials that may symbolize something for you. It’s all about finding interesting pieces that bring a piece of you and your home together.

5.) Be yourself

Understand your likes and your dislikes. Find where your interest really lies and this entire design process won’t be so difficult. You can take inspiration in what your interests were as a child or a childhood memory that resonates with you until now. It’s best to really dig deep into what you’ve always associated yourself with throughout your life and that way you can reflect it in the way you decorate your space.

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